Real-world fast

Update, 2014: Let us help you design your own high performance system around the 2013 Mac Pro or other Mac via consulting.

The Apple® Mac® Pro is a superbly-engineered computer, but the stock configurations fall well short of their potential. DIGLLOYD developed the MPG Pro Workstation to take into account the real world performance and reliability needs of photographic professionals, based on our groundbreaking research and our own suite of software tools. Performance is also superb for graphics and video and sound users.

You can work it all out by yourself after hours of reading and tinkering, since Mac Performance Guide tells you how. But why not let OWC configure and pre-test a system for you? Order a system now.

Proven hardware

Here at DIGLLOYD's Mac Performance Guide, we have satisfied ourselves of the fast and reliable operation of the Apple Mac Pro and the additional hardware recommended for it, as can be readily seen by reading the articles on this site. We've made our best effort to guide you to what works reliably and fast, based on our own testing, and the equipment we use ourselves. Please see the reviews on this site to satisfy yourself in that regard.

Here's how our research applies to the MPG Pro Workstation that OWC will build you:

Pre-configured for performance and backup

drive icons for boot, scratch, backup and master
Instead of a rat's nest of external hard drives, you get clean dedicated storage:
Boot, Master, Scratch (optional), & Time Machine.
No guesswork, no mess, easy to understand.

Every MPG Pro Workstation is extensively configured by OWC to DIGLLOYD specifications. You can also customize your configuration for increased performance, fault-tolerance, or both.

Here are the highlights:

Stress Testing

After your workstation is configured by OWC, it is stress-tested under conditions well in excess of most normal use, using diglloydTools. The CPU(s), memory, hard drives and cooling system are run at peak load for eight hours, exposing nearly any reliability issue or faulty component. Your system must pass the stress test, or it doesn't ship.

Nothing is perfect, hardware can and does fail with use, power spikes, etc., but here at DIGLLOYD, we feel these measures are a solid, pragmatic step to reduce initial hardware problems to a minimum. [2]

[1] DIGLLOYD assumes no liability, either express or implied, for the performance, reliability, safety, integrity and backup of your system or data. You are responsible at all times for verifying that Time Machine is operating properly and backing up all your data. Time Machine might not backup certain files that are kept open in programs while you are working on them. Time Machine might not backup data found on external drives, and you must account for that separately. We make extensive efforts to ensure that your system is configured the best way feasible, but you bear the entire responsibility for verifying appropriate measures are in place for backup, including not just Time Machine, but multiple external backups stored away from your system.

[2] Your warranty and agreement are entirely with the supplier(s) of the system and software, NOT with DIGLLOYD.

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