Get your MPG Pro Workstation

Step 1 — Request a Quote.

You’ll receive a quote via email, usually within 24 hours. On page 2 will be ordering details. On page 3 will be the cost breakdown.

If you are not sure which model Mac Pro, request a recommendation. Except for memory, the upgrade price is the same for all models.

Step 2 — Set up Your Order

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Page 2 of the quote details the process:

  1. Contact OWC to set up your order.
  2. Order your Mac Pro and have it shipped to OWC, include your OWC reference number as part of the shipping info (thanks for using Mac Performance Guide links to order the Mac Pro, as we do get some credit).
  3. OWC will ship your MPG Pro Workstation within 2-3 business days after the Mac Pro is received.

Note: Your transaction is with OWC. DIGLLOYD does not sell, warranty, guarantee or otherwise accept any responsibility or liability for the system you order. OWC configures and tests the MPG Pro Workstation per Mac Performance Guide / DIGLLOYD specifications Your purchase with respect to DIGLLOYD is in accordance with the terms of use and the consulting agreement, when applicable.

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