Balanced performance for photography, video, sound, graphics professionals

A fast CPU is not fast when it must wait because of too little memory, or a slow drive—

The MPG Pro Workstation by DIGLLOYD balances CPU speed and cores together with ample memory for your programs. Solid state drive(s) and fast hard drives configured appropriately round out the mix. This balance makes your work fast and smooth because the CPU spends most of its time working, not waiting.

No guessing here—we measure and test. Our recommendations are based on research proving the results, found throughout Mac Performance Guide. The MPG Pro Workstation is the realization of that research. These workstations run as fast as they can by:

The MPG Pro Workstation in production and shooting environments

The Mac Photo Workstation you configured for our company is doing great. Aptly, we named her "Godzilla." Our clients are very impressed and pleased with this mega computer for photo shoots. Everything is running smoothly and lighting fast. The speed shows especially in Capture One Pro 5 for rendering incoming capture files, from the Canon 1ds Mark III to the Phase P45+ digital back. There are no lags in processing out files either. Even within CS5, batch processing of files is remarkably fast along with any rendering of high-rez PSD files (i.e. 100-200MB).

Godzilla has already caught the eye of some image retouchers we work with. It's a great system and I'm looking forward to building up a few more of these as we expand into more video, and maybe even tinkering with our Macbook Pros (MPG Pro Laptop) for raid stripe inside to enhance performance for our location photographers. — Jacob Drezdner, CSI Rentals, New York & Brooklyn

Graphics professionals

Adobe Illustrator®, Adobe InDesign®, DreamWeaver®, 3D rendering, etc — the MPG Pro Workstation lets all these programs run at their best.

Video and sound

Need to play 300 sounds tracks from a huge library, or multiple video streams? MPG Pro Workstations can be configured for ample internal storage as well as more extreme demands with additional external high performance and/or fault-tolerant storage.

Adobe® Photoshop and large files

Performance on large files can vary greatly!

As file sizes grow, MPG Pro Workstations continue to yield high performance for Adobe Photoshop.

Your MPG Pro Workstation arrives configured for ideal Photoshop performance, and we show you how to configure Photoshop itself for top performance at Mac Performance Guide. (See Optimizing Photoshop.) With Photoshop CS5, adequate memory minimizes the importance of the scratch drive, so always get plenty of memory relative to your file sizes.

Optimal Photoshop performance with large files can be tailored to your needs. In most cases, the fast boot drive SSD is already ultra responsive, since it is faster than a dual hard drive RAID-0 stripe.

Gone are the days when a single slow drive cuts your efficiency in Photoshop down to a fraction of its potential!

"Worth every penny to get a 92% productivity gain! On a 78 image 12MP/images project file resulting in >2GB final image tiff." — Battle Brown, panoramic photographer, Pittsburgh, PA.

Lightroom lightning-fast

Does your system drag its feet as you flip through images one-at-a-time? Are pauses and "rendering preview" slowing you down?

Hot tip: with your Lightroom catalog and previews on a fast SSD (or RAID stripe), watch it fly in Library mode (Develop mode is CPU-bound).

Perhaps you'd prefer the kind of speed where your images can fly by as if showing a movie? That's the kind of system you deserve, and precisely what we've delivered for our consulting clients. The MPG Pro Workstation unshackles Adobe Lightroom to run at top speed. Moreover, Mac Performance Guide offers you tips and tricks for extracting even more performance with key operations, like exporting files.

With top speed and ample storage, you can keep all your previews rendered at the highest resolution you need, and Lightroom can read and display them faster than you might have believed possible. We recommend a minimum of 16GB of memory for users with large Lightroom libraries, along with plenty of space for the catalog and previews.

I've finally got my workstation set up exactly like I want it. As you advised, I did a complete manual migration of s tuff from my old PB G4, and it went without a single hiccup. As for the workstation itself, I could not be happier. This thing simply hums. Pgms load so fast that when I recall working on my old PB, it's like I went from a horse and buggy to the space shuttle. So thanks once more for steering me to the MPG Pro Workstation, and for the all the superb advice I've gotten from your Mac Performance Guide. And pls pass my appreciation to the guys at OWC. They did a great job in putting it all together, and it was a pleasure dealing with them. — Joe R

Other RAW Processing and digital workflow

PhaseOne® CaptureONE® Pro, Apple Aperture®, Nikon™ Capture NX™ 2, Canon® Digital Photo Professional all can benefit from plenty of fast storage and/or dedicated, fast scratch space.

As the power of multiple CPUs comes to bear, fast storage means the CPUs don't have to wait for data from disk. With the MPG Pro Workstation, performance and responsiveness remains as high as possible, especially as your data grows.

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